Using the "album selector" below, you can either read track infos (recommended if your connection is not so good) or add a visual dimension to the magic of Jeff Clarkson's music :

Click on the slide show images or on the top pull down menu for the full "Jeff Jukebox" experience or use the pull down menu at the bottom for the text option.

In any case, and as long as your browser is Java enabled, you will have access to audio samples. However, due to the current limitations of Java and of the most commonly available bandwidth and modem speed, the music you are about to hear using a "no-plugin" Java streaming technology does not do justice to the richness and purity that characterise the sound of Jeff's music. Nethertheless it will enable you to appreciate the unforgettable beauty of its melodies.

For the more demanding listeners all track extracts can also be downloaded as "near CD quality" auto-executable MP3 files:

That means you do NOT even need a MP3 player to be installed on your computer to be able to listen to them : Just download your favourite file (about 600Kb per file), save it somewhere on your hard-disk, then double-click it to start playing...