Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    Some comments in brief....

      “Thank you for your music - it is so easy to dream, to relax and to feel how beautiful life is”.

      “Thank you, keep on with whatever you feel in this work - it is special, a beautiful gift from our creator”.

      “I was so overwhelmed with your beautiful music”.

      “When I found your music my life started to change and have more meaning”.

      “Your beautiful music enfolds us, and lifts the emotions in a very wonderful way”.

      “I felt led to write and tell you what an inspiration you are to me,
      your music is wonderful”.

      “Buddhists told about an optimum state of nature/mind, your music brings forward both - It touched my soul”.

      “I was so moved and at times struggling to hold back tears”.

      “Your music is a tremendous gift to our residents facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS”.

      “You have a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing it”.

      “It is a sight I will never forget – so beautiful was his response to your music”.

      “Your music is the “Rolls Royce” of my collection”.

      “I must say that it is one of the best pieces of music that I have ever heard and I thank you for creating such a masterpiece”.

      “Thank you, It is absolutely magical in its effects”.

      “I thank you for your wonderful music which has come into my life at a time of need for peace and tranquility”.

      “I am happy to know that somewhere on our world there is a composer who is able to create this kind of music”.

      “Thank you for being such a wonderful channel of musical delight that touches the soul”.

      “I just had to write and tell you that your music is so beautiful”.

      “Your music inspires so many memories and I honour you for the magic you weave in our lives . . . thank you!”

      “Thank you from my heart for your gift of music”.

      “I just love your music and the beautiful contribution you give to this universe”.

      “I am absolutely hooked!”

      “My heartfelt thanks for sharing your music . . .it is a very important part of my day”.

      “I know there are a lot of people like me depending on music like yours - it is beautiful and so calming”.

      “Thank you once again for Butterfly, it is now one of my treasured possessions”.

      “Your music has calmed my weary soul”.

      “I really appreciate your music and get hours of wonderful meditation time”.

      “You have a wonderful gift and use it well”.

      “Your music made me realise what I was missing”.

      “No music yet has brought me in touch with my real self within, as your wonderful music does”.

      “I had never ever heard music like it . . . a treasured experience”.

      “I played your compositions as background to put me in the proper mental state...It worked like magic”.

      “Your music was the catalyst that put me back in touch”.

      “It’s power has helped me heal from some of the worst times of my life
      I had never ever heard music like it”.

      “Your music is in my heart”.

      “Thank you for using your musical skills to create compositions which are so useful and worthwhile for this sometimes tired and stressed world...”

      “Your music reaches deep levels in me”.

      “Your gift of music is a precious gift; may you find many days and many ways for the sharing of it”.

      “I love your relaxation music and find it very inspiring”.

      “There have been few occasions in my musical career when music stops you in your tracks, grabs you and holds you spelllbound . . .
      This has been one of those times”.

      “Thanks, your doing great and helping people heaps”.

      “Your music is not only inspirational but its ability to feed the soul is awesome”.

      “God bless, keep up the musical gift you are graced with”.

      “What great pleasure I have had from the Butterfly album- truly something else!”

      “Your music nourishes the soul and caresses the mind”.

      “Absolutely fantastic music - wonderful to listen to and even more relaxing and meditating”.

      “I want to thank you so much for composing such beautiful music”.

      “Peace be with you and in your music, it resonates with the harmony of life everlasting”.

      The list goes on...

      But now that this website is up and running, it is even easier to share your appreciation of Jeff Clarkson'music through the "Guestbook".

      Thank you for using it!

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