Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    On work and creativity

      From an author

      Dear Jeff,

      "When Corporations Rule the World" is now rolling off the press and will be find in the bookstores in September. You surely have no ideas the role that you played in making it happen. You will find an unusual mention in my acknowledgements. I didn't make this mention lightly. During most of my writing I played your compositions as background to put me in the proper mental state.
      It worked like magic and had no small part in allowing me to produce the style that has been winning high praise among colleagues...

      With thanks and best warm regards,

      D.C. K.

      From an artist

      Dear Jeff
      Your music has meant a great deal to me over the last 4 years since I first heard it . . .
      It’s power has helped me heal from some of the worst times of my life – I am enclosing a copy of some words that have come to me from the depths of my soul – with the hope that you may find them suitable to use in a future composition.
      I think it would be lovely to hear them spoken by a woman’s voice to some of your incredible music – if they could help heal those who hear them as well as your music has healed me I would be very happy.
      If you are not interested please just return the copy and I will not be offended.
      I am an artist and have painted a lot of my pieces to your music . . .


      K. F.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      Inspiration for writing

      Dear Jeff

      I have thought or perhaps pondered over your visit to Dannevirke on Saturday 22nd. I really enjoyed your music but found your latest “Botanica” an amazing experience as your music was the same as I recall hearing on my visit to Arana Bay November 1995 with the Te Kohunga Reo form Dannevirke.
      I had never ever heard music like it and treasured the experience. I am enclosing a story I wrote on my return trying to capture an amazing experience and haven’t really read it again until this week when I checked back through my notes and diaries.
      The day produced a lot of magical moments and many people are looking for ways to grow spiritually from their experiences on the day and felt all the love and energy around them.
      Thank you for coming. . .

      With Love

      H. O’B.

      From an artist

      Dear Jeff

      Your music is in my heart. Endless tape running in wondrous studio paintings. Years & years I floated . . . to “Songbird”. “Butterfly” was with me in Northern Italy where I drew butterflies, one I will bring to New Zealand for you in July.
      Truely (sic) Jeff Clarkson your vision is real and beautiful and so so giving. The voice of the universe.
      Bless you I look forward to sitting quietly with you.

      M. G.
      California USA

      Working with Children

      Dear Jeff,

      Our heartfelt thanks to you for coming and giving us such a wonderful afternoon immersed in your music. It was certainly a day to remember: Maintaining focus for our children is not readily achieved and the hour for them was sheer magic.

      You must have recognised the responses in their little faces, but for us who know them, it was a joy to observe them under your spell. They will respond to you in their own way, but until they do - from us all, thank you so much! (...)

      J. S.
      Class Teacher

      The list goes on...

      But now that this website is up and running, it is even easier to share your appreciation of Jeff Clarkson'music through the "Guestbook".

      Thank you for using it!

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