Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    Schools and learning:

      Received from a New Zealand school

      Dear Jeff,

      Our heartfelt thanks to you for coming and giving us such a wonderful afternoon immersed in your music. It was certainly a day to remember: Maintaining focus for our children is not readily achieved and the hour for them was sheer magic.

      You must have recognised the responses in their little faces, but for us who know them, it was a joy to observe them under your spell. They will respond to you in their own way, but until they do - from us all, thank you so much! (...)

      J. S.
      Class Teacher

      From a Centre for Higher Learning

      Dear Jeff

      I feel compelled to write and tell you how much I am enjoying your new tape “Songbird”, as well as the previous two. Your music reaches deep levels in me, and I know tht it is enjoyed by many people of all ages and persuasions. For instance, it is used for meditation in my New Age Centre of Higher Learning group, and in the Spiritualist Alliance Church, and moved to in the ‘Dance Free’ sessions at St Paul’s Church. Your gift of music is a precious gift; may you find many days and many ways for the sharing of it.

      Love and light

      Auckland, New Zealand

      From a Teacher

      Mr Clarkson,

      Thank you for the prompt delivery of the two CDs. . . I am extremely grateful as I used the Butterfly CD with the children at my children at my school. It had a lovely effect on many children.
      . . . I frequently played your CDs for spiritual activities/prayer times or just background music while I worked at home. Two groups meet at my home fortnightly to learn more creation spirituality centered knowledge.
      . . . God bless, keep up your musical gift you are graced with.


      J. R.

      The list goes on...

      But now that this website is up and running, it is even easier to share your appreciation of Jeff Clarkson'music through the "Guestbook".

      Thank you for using it!

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