Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    From travellers around the World:

      From Spain

      Dear Jeff Clarkson,

      I write to you from Spain. A year and a half ago I was in New Zealand for three months. I saw you one day in the Cathedral Square, outdoors, playing as an angel...I bought a couple of tapes and I toured through New Zealand with my bought van and with your music flying in the air. I still get excited when I see the slides or when I close my eyes with your music, I see All the landscapes and the moments I lived in your marvelous country.
      Thank you for your music - it is so easy to dream, to relax and to feel how beautiful life is. It is a real balsam for me in this crazy, cold and negative world that TV, news, politicians and bad people want us to believe...
      When I hear your music, I see the dolphins, the seals, the rainforest, the kepler track, the Coromandel peninsula, Robin birds, penguins and red sunsets.


      Received from Germany

      Dear Mr Clarkson,

      Finally after a long time I have found out now who was responsible for an absolute impressive experience in September last Year

      In this time, I flew with Air New Zealand from Frankfurt to Auckland and back. In the first minutes after boarding, they showed us a video about the marvellous landscape of New Zealand accompanied with your unbelievably nice music.

      Everytime when I think back on this journey I hear in my mind your relaxing and calming music from the airplane.

      Because I worked in London for a few weeks, I took the chance to ask the very friendly people in the Air New Zealand office yesterday if they could help me to find out where I could get this music. I hope that I now got the right address...

      I would be happy if you could send me information where I can buy your CDs in Germany or in London.

      I wish you all the best (...) . I am happy to know that somewhere on our world there is a composer who is able to create this kind of music...

      P. K.

      From the USA

      Dear Jeff,

      "When Corporations Rule the World" is now rolling off the press and will be find in the bookstores in September. You surely have no ideas the role that you played in making it happen. You will find an unusual mention in my acknowledgements. I didn't make this mention lightly. During most of my writing I played your compositions as background to put me in the proper mental state.
      It worked like magic and had no small part in allowing me to produce the style that has been winning high praise among colleagues...

      With thanks and best warm regards,

      D.C. K.

      From England

      Dear Jeff

      Out of all the many people you must meet, we doubt if you will remember meeting us . . . in late March this year. You were playing there and we had recently been introduced to your music whilst taking our First Degree Reiki. We had bought two of your tapes, and on reflection wish we’d bought more!
      We have your Butterfly and Songbird tapes – we were particularly keen on the music when you played the flute sound over . . .
      When talking with you . . . you said you were hoping the music would soon be distributed in the English market. We do hope so (or maybe it is already) for we have been searching this last month upon our return home, to find something comparable to your music. Alas, no luck. You should have a resounding success over here we feel sure.
      Just in case you have succeeded please drop us a line and tell us which company are selling your tapes; we would so much like to know.
      We send our best wishes from England and hope you will continue with much success with your lovely music.

      Very sincerely

      J. & P. O’H
      North Yorkshire

      From Japan

      Dear . . .

      Thank you for your CD records which we’ve listened and felt that they are all beautifully cordinated with the nature of New Zealand, natural sounds. We can catch the heart of the nature. Now we should be able to listen and enjoy them in our daily life with the good memory which we’ve experienced in New Zealand. . .


      From Ireland


      I recently bought a tape called “Butterfly” by Jeff Clarkson. I bought it on a trip to New Zealand last month.
      It is such a beautiful tape that I wondered do you have any more similar tapes that I could buy from you . . .
      With thanks

      Mrs N. E.
      Northern Ireland

      From Japan

      Dear . . .

      Thank you very much for the CDs you sent us. . .
      Since we heard Jeff Clarkson at your place, we’ve tried to find his CDs here and there, but we couldn’t find them.
      So, now we can listen to his music everyday thanks to your kindness.
      We like his music, especially “Songbird” & “Butterfly”.
      His music sounds like Kitaro but milder and kinder. And we think we need this kind of music in Japan’s busy daily life.
      . . . Thanks again and many regards from


      From Hong Kong

      Dear Jeff

      I bought Botanica and I love it. I found it in S’s place in Hong Kong – you are great.
      Maybe you would like to come to Lantau to visit us (island close to Hong Kong – you are always welcome)

      Lots of Love

      P. P.
      Lantau Island

      From Papua New Guinea

      Dear Sirs

      I bought the cassette tape “Butterfly” whilst in Cairns recently and was so impressed I would like to obtain more tapes of this kind if they are available. . . .


      Mrs S. S.
      Papua New Guinea

      From New Zealand

      Dear Sir

      I recently visited the Butterfly House in Adelaide Australia and they were playing a tape called “Butterflies” . . . I thought it was such a beautiful piece of music and I would like to add it to my collection of tapes. . . .

      Yours faithfully

      Mrs J. E. S.
      New Zealand

      The list goes on...

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