Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    Personal endorsemments:

      "searching for something"

      "Dear Jeff,

      You may think this is silly but I have to write to you, and thank you. I was introduced to your music almost two years ago. I have been searching all my life for "something" musical but could neither find... nor explain what I was looking for. Now I have found, my search is over. (....)
      You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it (...)

      Ms. L. McN.
      New Zealand"

      "back in touch"

      Dear Jeff Clarkson

      This letter is long overdue.

      Some years ago I heard you playing music at a function in Takapuna. A retarded/disabled teenage boy was lying on the floor, staring upwards in complete rapture. It is a sight I will never forget – so beautiful was his response to your music. more recently I heard you play in Albany for the crystal shop there.

      So, this April when I was in a real state and needed spoiling I bought some of your tapes from Albany. I hardly looked at them – just picked out 3. That evening as I drove to Orewa I put a tape on for the drive. As I said I was in a real state – sort of working my way out of a void I had been in for about 4 years. Suddenly, as I drove along I felt a snap and a crack in my stomach which coincided with a ‘boom boom boom’ coming from the tape. i just burst into tears and felt the ONENESS with God and all creation that I once knew so well. Tears spontaneously fell and I knew I was out of the void. Alive again.

      When I returned home I played the tape again to see if the ‘boom boom’ was on the tape. It was not surprising for me to read the titles and find on Botanica that the titles I had listened to were: The Calling Pt1 The Calling Pt2 then memories of Home (with the ‘boom boom’). You see Jeff – about 19/20 years ago I had a NDE which had me face to face with Our Maker. A beautiful experience which had been overshadowed this past 4 years by a bit of a trauma. Your music was the catalyst that put me back in touch, so to speak, so I am naturally very grateful to you.

      This was only about 2 months ago but it has been on my mind to write my thanks to you ever since. Last week a friend visited me and saw my Botanica tape and asked how I enjoyed it so I told her what it had done for me and that I intended to write to you about it. She then told me she knew you well and that you would appreciate that feedback.

      Listening to your music makes me realise you ‘know’ from where it comes – that it is special – but it may be nice for you to hear how effective and powerful it has been on my psyche. no doubt there are many more who haven’t let you know. I am reasonably certain I could still be ‘in the void’ but for your work.
      Thank you very much
      God Bless

      M. P.
      Auckland, New Zealand

      "absolutely magical"

      "Dear Jeff,

      Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying "Butterfly". Thank you. It is absolutely magical in its effects. I've played it for a number of people. Each time the conversation has stopped and we have drifted into the music. I've never experienced anything quite like it as it seems nearly impossible to listen to it without relaxing into a meditative state! (.... )
      (...) I'd very much like to get more of your CDs. Do you have a distributor in the United States? (...)
      (...) You have a wonderful gift and use it well.

      With best regards.
      D.C. K., Ph.D.
      New York"

      From a music retailer

      Dear Jeff

      . . . Also many congratulations on the New Eden cassette tape. I must say that it is one of the best pieces of music that I have ever heard and I thank you for creating such a masterpiece. We have already sold out of the copies that you sent us, so I’m just going to have to order some more. . .

      The N. M. C.

      "back to nature"

      Dear Jeff

      I was so overwhelmed with your beautiful music, and the understanding and closeness with nature, that I became so relaxed and on the verge of tears with emotion, on hearing you for the first time (yesterday).
      I was born and bred in the country, but your music made me realise what I was missing by living in the city environment.
      To be able to walk or sit in the bush and hear natures sound in all its naturalness, and especially with someone like yourself, who understands another persons reactions, to sounds feelings and emotions, without wanting to encroach on that moment of reverie, but to quietly watch that persons reaction to this new discovery.
      Then, being able to discuss those feelings and discoveries, or not, but knowing that you have been understood as you feel that cloud of depression and stress being lifted away as you soar on a new emotional plane in life one had never felt before.
      I wish to thank you for introducing me to such peace and beauty. For the past 12 months or more I felt I was not in control of my own destiny, but had been drifting aimlessly, now all I have to do is play your beautiful music.
      Thank you once again, and excuse me for writing my feelings down on paper to you.

      Yours faithfully

      Ms F. F.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      From a magazine editor

      Dear Jeff

      Bless you for your soul singing! Your music inspires so many memories and I honour you for the magic you weave in our lives . . . thank you!

      I . . . have experienced profound healing and personal transformation through your music . . . needless to say, I know and love every piece . . . backwards and forward!!!

      Warmest regards

      D. Z.
      (magazine editor)

      "a truly wonderful CD"

      (Botanica) is a truly wonderful CD. Have nearly worn it out already.
      All the best for the future.

      S. K.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      For peace and tranquility

      Dear Jeff

      I thank you for your wonderful music which has come into my life at a time of need for peace and tranquility as I am working my way through the grief of losing my loved husband suddenly 18 months ago.
      With the help of meditation, affirmations and heaps of reading on the subject I find I am coming through and starting to balance my life once more.
      I have Butterfly and Botanica – are there more?

      Thank you, thank you
      God Bless

      C. W.

      "touching the soul"

      Dear Jeff

      On behalf of . . . I wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the sharing of your music for us on Sunday 2 March. It was a wonderful to experience your love of nature expressing itself through your music and the way in which you give of yourself into that expression and your sharing of how nature and earlier years has influenced your music was both inspiring and uplifting.
      . . . Thank you for being such a wonderful channel of musical delight that touches the soul.
      We look forward to further contact with you in the future, and once again thank you for giving time to share with us on your own unique way.

      Abundant blessings

      R. J. G.
      on behalf of U.S.C.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      "spiritual experience"

      Dear Jeff

      I want to thank you so much for composing such beautiful music, especially Botanica & Butterfly. They both give me so much spiritual joy and peace.
      Thank you for playing your music and sharing yourself so much. I will never forget when you played at . . . I had a spiritual/soul experience when we all sang “Earth is our Home”. Thank you for writing such beautiful words. You are a beautiful soul and we are very privileged to have you in Auckland.

      In love & light

      F. S.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      "peace and tranquility"

      Dear Jeff

      We first heard your music in . . .Garden Centre – we were really moved by those soothing sounds.
      We need more people like you in this harsh world, thank you for trying so hard to provide peace and tranquility.

      Thank you again

      J. & D. T
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      for sleeping – and birthing


      Your music, particularly Butterfly helped me through a difficult and stressful time in my life. I used to listen to Butterfly to get myself off to sleep.
      I was disappointed when my Butterfly tape was stolen during a burglary and actually replace it only yesterday with the CD.
      The funny thing is I was telling a friend that I had bought the CD. His reply was that his wife used Butterfly to listen to during the 16 hour labor for the birth of his son, so he knows it well!
      Look how many uses there are for your music. I just love your music and the beautiful contribution you give to this universe.

      Kind regards

      S. S.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      "calming & centering"


      I am absolutely hooked! I listened to “Songbird” on the way home . . . and you are right – creative thoughts just flowed. I am finding “Serenade” a wonderful way to calm down and get centered. Yes, I’m hooked. . .

      Wishing you all the best,

      M. C.

      "beautiful music"

      Dear Sir

      Please would you supply me with a copy of Jeff Clarkson’s latest album “Openings”.
      . . . P. S. I am an avid fan of Jeff Clarkson’s and would like to thank him for such beautiful music, perhaps you could pass the message on to him for me – thank you.

      C. M. G.

      Recovery from major surgery

      Dear Jeff

      . . . I have lived with your music for the past five years and recently underwent fairly major surgery.
      I would like to thank you again from my heart for your gift of music. Both Butterfly and Songbird have been played constantly during my recovery. I am sure that their calmness has contributed to my recovery. They have kept me company – especially around the times when I have not felt very good.
      My heartfelt thanks for sharing your music, at present it is a very important part of my day.
      (I also love Botanica and Infinite Grace)


      P. C.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      "thank you for your music"

      Dear Jeff

      My name is M.B. I’m writing to say “thank you” for my 6 cassette tapes my daughter S.M. purchased via the internet.

      I do not keep good health and spend a lot of time listening to relaxing tapes and your tapes are the “Rolls Royce” of my collection.

      I have had your “Butterfly” video for years and every night I watch it before I go to bed.

      By your photo you look young so please keep up your good work as I know there are a lot of people like me depending on music like yours.


      M. B.

      quiet time

      Dear Sirs

      I am looking after an 84 year old lady who received this CD Songbird for her very recent birthday. This was a CD she received from her son who went overseas last week. She already has Butterfly and Infinite Grace in her collection. She was looking forward to a little quiet time when everyone left to enjoy Songbird. . .

      Yours Faithfully

      Mrs C. M. C.
      Wanganui NEW ZEALAND

      "a miraculous recovery"

      Dear Jeff,

      Three months ago our seven year old son Leon was involved in a dreadful bike accident. He was rushed to the Starship hospital intensive care unit with severe head injuries. After being on life support for 2 days he remained in a semi-coma for the following 4 to 5 days. Leon had fractured his skull in two places and his brain had taken a terrible bruising.

      We were told by the hospital staff not to expect Leon to make a very quick recovery and reading books on head injuries confirmed the slow process toward recovery. We learnt that Leon would need to be as calm and relaxed as possible when he became fully conscious because of the severe headaches concussion causes.

      We decided to use our "Songbird" tape and we played it non-stop during his coma.

      He recovered miraculously and during his waking moments he asked for the tape to be played rather than us talking with him.

      Leon has no noticeable after effects from his injury and is now back at school.

      One major change in him however is that he can't sleep at night without his "Songbird" tape.

      Thanks, Jeff. We believe that the music helped him towards such a quick recovery.
      Many, many thanks...

      P. S.
      Auckland, New Zealand

      For creating stillness

      Thank you very much for the lovely surprise . . . Jeff Clarkson tapes are beautiful, the music is so calming. I have played right through each tape twice already. I live on a very busy road, the house shudders when all the traffic rushes by. It will be lovely to create some stillness with the music. . .


      V. J.
      Auckland, New Zealand

      "a beautiful gift from our Creator"

      Hi Jeff

      I am living overseas for a while. Before I left New Zealand I bought 3 of your New Age tapes, and I just had to write to you and thank you for bringing this very beautiful and special music to our planet – it feels New Zealand, home to me.
      “Butterfly” in particular touches me so deeply I’ve cried each time I’ve heard it. Thank you. Keep on with whatever you feel in this work, it is special. A beautiful gift from our Creator.

      Love & light to you

      I. P.

      "a treasured possession"

      Hi there

      What a wonderful morning I’m enjoying as I sit writing this to you! In the background your beautiful composition “Butterfly” is gently playing.
      I was told about this particular cassette, by my sister in Melbourne, who uses it for mediation, and after waiting many many weeks, I have at last acquired it myself, as background music while I go about my boring household chores!
      It is lovely! Thank you for such a beautiful piece.
      Having very limited means indeed, this may possibly be the only cassette of yours that I will ever own, so I’m hoping against hope that the tape itself will last for a long time!
      . . . Thank you once again for “Butterfly”, it is now one of my treasured possessions . . . I play it every day.
      Do continue to create . . . wonderful sounds

      B. W.
      NSW Australia

      Life transition to Butterfly

      Mr Jeff Clarkson

      Your music has calmed my weary soul. I play it continually. People often remark
      ‘what do you treat your soil with?’ I smile and say it is sand and I sing and play music to my garden always. ‘Butterfly’ has been sent overseas to various places.

      Twelve months ago I received word that a dear friend was rushed to hospital. At the time I was unable to get there so sent my tape ‘Butterfly’, which it appears was played constantly. Came the day when I was to leave and be with my friend but the day before I was rung and informed my friend had passed away.

      I had spoken to the ward sisters that morning giving the message i would be there. She mentioned how much the ape ‘Butterfly’ meant. Where the tape is no one knows only myself saying it is there helping someone somewhere.

      Many thanks Jeff

      J. W.
      New Zealand

      "Special for massage"

      I just cannot tell you how special your “Butterfly” tape is to my meditation and during my massages – to Jeff Clarkson thank you so much. . . .


      "Hours of wonderful meditation"

      Many thanks for posting the (Jeff Clarkson) tapes. I know my friends in Minnesota will really appreciate the music and get hours of wonderful meditation time from them. . . .

      Kind regards

      Auckland, New Zealand

      "Truly something else"

      Dear Sir
      Re Cassette Tapes – “Forward Looking” Side 1 – “Atlantis” Side 2 – “Ajna”, new release “Songbird”

      I would appreciate your prompt forwarding of the above tapes.

      . . . Say, I must, what great pleasure I have had from the “Butterfly” tape. Truly something else! . . .

      Yours sincerely
      E. V. S.
      New Zealand

      "Touching my real self within"

      Dear Sir/Madam

      For months I have been very interested in the beautiful “Butterfly” tape . . . delighted that the tape “Songbird” was available. . . . raising four sons on my own, it is a luxury to be able to buy one of these tapes. However, the immense pleasure and relaxation I receive not only benefits my sons and myself but also outweighs the financial side of things. . . .These tapes touch the essence of any person if you have the heart and mind to be openly receptive to it. No music yet has brought me in touch with my real self within as these wonderful tapes do.

      Thanking you

      Yours faithfully
      Ms R. McG.

      "off to sleep . . ."

      Dear Jeff

      I just had to write and tell you that your music is so beautiful. I listen to your tapes every day. The last thing I hear at night when I go to sleep is your music.

      My favourite is Songbird . . .

      Yours sincerely

      P. T.
      New Zealand

      The list goes on...

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