Many people have taken the time to write and phone Jeff complimenting his music and sharing their experience of how his music has touched their lives.

Here are a few examples of such testimonies :

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    On health benefits and professional use:

      Received from an Australian hospital

      "Dear Jeff,

      I would like to express my appreciation of your music, with particular respect to "Butterfly". I have been using this tape for a number of years now, as background music for relaxation therapy sessions.

      The occupational therapist and I have used relaxation therapy with a number of different patient groups in my career. (...)
      These groups of people have almost always experienced the Butterfly music to be extremely peaceful and soothing and therefore an invaluable aid to learning to relax. Over the years, I have tried a range of tapes as background music and have consistently found "Butterfly" to provide the most generally appreciated music.
      The gentle intonations and subtle depth of sounds are wonderful. (..)
      Thank you for using your musical skills to create compositions which are so useful and worthwhile for
      this sometimes tired and stressed world...

      K. B.
      Occupational Therapist - Australia"

      Received from a New Zealand mother

      Dear Jeff,

      Three months ago our seven year old son Leon was involved in a dreadful bike accident. He was rushed to the Starship hospital intensive care unit with severe head injuries. After being on life support for 2 days he remained in a semi-coma for the following 4 to 5 days. Leon had fractured his skull in two places and his brain had taken a terrible bruising.

      We were told by the hospital staff not to expect Leon to make a very quick recovery and reading books on head injuries confirmed the slow process toward recovery. We learnt that Leon would need to be as calm and relaxed as possible when he became fully conscious because of the severe headaches concussion causes.

      We decided to use our "Songbird" tape and we played it non-stop during his coma.

      He recovered miraculously and during his waking moments he asked for the tape to be played rather than us talking with him.

      Leon has no noticeable after effects from his injury and is now back at school.

      One major change in him however is that he can't sleep at night without his "Songbird" tape.

      Thanks, Jeff. We believe that the music helped him towards such a quick recovery.
      Many, many thanks...

      P. S.
      Auckland, New Zealand

      Of benefit to HIV & Aids

      Dear Jeff

      On behalf of the residents and staff I am writing to thank you for your musical donation to the house.

      Many of us know and value your music and its uses in healing and relaxation. It is a tremendous gift to our residents facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS.

      Thank you very much and best wishes.

      Yours sincerely

      M. F.
      Residential Services Manager
      Auckland New Zealand

      Received from a psychologist

      Dear Jeff

      On my husband’s recent speech tour in NZ he met you and you gave him a CD called Butterfly.
      Your music touched me deeply. In my work as a psychologist my clients learn of a valley where they unite with deeper dimensions of themselves. Buddhists told about an optimum state of nature/mind. Your music brings forward both. It touched my soul.
      Thank you.

      C. A. O.

      From a midwife

      Dear Mr Clarkson
      I am a midwife and was attending a lady who had one of your tapes playing “Songbird” Jeff Clarkson. It was very relaxing and certainly helps a lady in labor.
      Do you sell these wholesale. I was thinking of buying them and selling to my patients.

      With thanks

      R. D.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      Ideal for a healing environment . . .

      Dear Jeff

      On behalf of all of us at the centre thank you so much for kindly giving the clinic your seven music tapes for the therapists’ use in their work with their patients.
      Your music is wonderful, relaxing and ideal in a healing environment such as the clinic.
      Once again our thanks and much appreciation. . .

      Kind Regards

      J. M.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      From a natural therapist

      Dear Jeff

      I felt led to write and tell you what an inspiration you are to me – in fact it is more than that. I am a full time Natural Therapist and run my clinic . . . I guess you can just say my whole life is involved with just lovingly caring for people, as I work with young and old, male, or female, the very fit, and those facing life’s challenges, I work with the dying and the newborn, and in many aspects of healing care.
      I use your music a great deal during the course of my therapies, and I feel that I know you in a very beautiful and intimate way that is very special. When I work with my clients I feel it a great privilege as they are allowing me to come into their heart space, and their concerns . . . I feel I know you in such a special way, as I work with my clients your beautiful music enfolds us, and lifts the emotions in a very wonderful way, and for this joy and blessing that you have given to me, as well as my clients I say, “thank you Jeff”.

      Love & Blessings

      I. B.

      In Coronary care

      Mr Jeff Clarkson
      Dear Sir

      During the month of June and July 1995 I had the misfortune to suffer a major coronary illness which had me laid up in the coronary care unit at Auckland Hospital. During my stay there I was introduced via the rehabilitation team to a piece of music called ‘Songbird’. This was quite unlike anything i had ever heard or come across before. This piece of music does tend to grow upon one. I can now say that without a doubt that your music in conjunction with rehabilitation was fully instrumental in me regaining my health.

      Stress, both in my workplace and in my immediate family contributed greatly to my illness, but the course set for me along with music and some written material certainly did the trick. My sincere thanks. I now have the complete collection of your tapes and have found that 1/2 to 1 hours listening each evening is enough to keep the stress levels much more manageable.

      I wish you every success for yourself and your music in the future.

      Yours faithfully

      T. D. P.
      New Zealand

      Contributing to recovery

      Dear Jeff

      . . . I have lived with your music for the past five years and recently underwent fairly major surgery.
      I would like to thank you again from my heart for your gift of music. Both Butterfly and Songbird have been played constantly during my recovery. I am sure that their calmness has contributed to my recovery. They have kept me company – especially around the times when I have not felt very good.
      My heartfelt thanks for sharing your music, at present it is a very important part of my day.
      (I also love Botanica and Infinite Grace)


      P. C.
      Auckland NEW ZEALAND

      The list goes on...

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