"The key to living a full life is in finding inner peace and contentment. From here, everything grows in a natural order. A daily routine of meditation, progresses such peaceful feelings and promotes a positive outlook as well as bringing health and wellbeing to daily life".


Jeffree Clarkson, New Zealand composer and visionary, has dedicated his life to composing and recording music that naturally turns the attention inward and provides a peaceful atmosphere for the practice of meditation. Achieving deep relaxation is made easier in the company of Jeffree's beautiful flowing music.

Using music technology Jeffree has crafted natural sounding and gentle flowing arrangements that form soundscapes of musical bliss. Over this he solos on a wind-controlled Keytar in a unique and highly emotive presentation.

Butterfly, Songbird, Infinite Grace, A New Eden, Serenade, Openings, Botanica, Simplicity, Breathing Space and the Peace & Quiet double cd collection, are the currently available Cd titles in Jeffree's catalogue.

Jeffree has a new album to be released soon.

Through his extensive experience in the area of meditation and its practice, Jeffree has created a simple meditation approach using his music as a peaceful background. The "Onespace Meditation" naturally unwinds mind chatter and facilitates the release of stress, bringing a happier more relaxed perspective to daily life.

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