RELAXING TO MUSIC: A simple Technique.

To get the full benefit of the music, it should be played through a stereo system, with the volume set to moderate level.

Position yourself 6-10ft from, and between, the speakers. You can either sit or lie down, whichever is the most comfortable. After beginning the tape, allow the breath to deepen into a sigh. Do this about 3 or 4 times, imagining the worries and stresses of the day flowing out with each sigh.

If using the tape in the morning, pay more attention to the breathing-in motion, visualising each inhalation as a taking-in of the fresh new energy of the day, and feel yourself becoming more healthy and alive.

It is not important to close your eyes immediately -just allow the music to close them gently, and your breathing to slow down, as the music progresses.

Listen to the music but not too intensely, just allow it to be part of "who you are", almost as if it were coming from inside of you.

During your relaxation period you may have many thoughts, or you may see visual features and forms. It is important that you allow these to be part of your relaxation and do not try to push them away, or to clear your mind of them. They are as much part of the process of your relaxation, and as such will come and go of their own accord.

When the music reaches its conclusion, do not get up immediately. Instead, begin to move your body very gently, particularly your hands, arms, feet and legs. Over a period of approximatively two minutes, increase the movement smoothly toward standing and walking.

This process of relaxation lasts for approximately twenty minutes, and for best results, should be practised regularly once or even twice a day.

After a short time of this practice, you will notice how more relaxed and healthy you feel.

Remember, this music is not just for the special purpose of relaxation as outlined above, but it can also be used for background ambience or as foreground, for listening pleasure...

Please, enjoy my music, in whatever way you like!

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