With albums selling long after their release New Zealand composer and recording artist Jeffree Clarkson continues to produce the most beautiful and relaxing sound you could hear anywhere in the world.

Jeffee's uniquely individual style has drawn attention from many corners of the globe with his music frequently broadcast in public places wherever a relaxing atmosphere is required.

The medicinal qualities of his music are well recognised in mainstream and alternative medicine and are a favoured background ambience for Yoga, Tai Chi Meditation and many other applications.

There is a distinctive quality that identifies Jeffree's music. He is an intensely intuitive composer whose music can touch deeply within the listener. His music works to relax the mind and body allowing rejuvenation of energy at a profound level. His melodies draw on simple and essential music ideas from both Eastern and Western influences. The visual quality in his music can inspire us to journey within, in an exploration of self and the wider implications of our deeper spirituality.


After a successful involvement in the New Zealand pop music industry as a performing artist and composer, Jeffree began writing for an emerging niche market known as New Age Music.

New Age music related to spiritual and personal development ideals introduced to the west by Eastern Yogis in the 1960's. The resulting wholistic, body-mind outlook that grew in the 1980's inspired Jeffree to write long pieces of gentle and peaceful instrumental music for Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and as a beautiful background for natural and spiritual healing.

Jeffree Clarkson's first relaxation album released in 1986 was titled "Butterfly" and was available on cassette tape.

Awareness of Jeffree's music grew quickly from the beginning. Jeffree was able to get a launch pad through his association with Self Transformation Seminars Ltd who endorsed his music through their personal development programmes. The result was a continuing flow of direct sales of the Butterfly album. From here Jeffree extended his market out to retail outlets and distributors New Zealand wide.

With only the one album available for sale Jeffree began by handling his own marketing and distribution. Through his long experience in the industry he had made many contacts in music promotion and marketing and and this helped him maintain a steady turnover of his music. It was a busy time for Jeffree having to regularly contact and visit many music and specialty retail outlets. Jeffree would also door-knock sales to health clinics, hospitals and retirement villages .

As the demand for Jeff Clarkson music grew Jeff released a new album in 1987 called "Forward Looking".

With very few recordings of New Age Music available in New Zealand music stores, there was opportunity for Jeffree to develop the profile of his music along with the promotion of the New Age genre. The idea of a small display merchandiser positioned close to the "point of sale" area in a retail store was tested with very successful results. The display featured the title "New Age Music by Jeff Clarkson" and contained up to a dozen of Jeff's two cassettes. Interest in Jeffree's music continued to grow with extra sales gained through customer impulse purchases.

In 1988 Jeffree formed a business partnership and Gateway Productions NZ Ltd became the business front for his music. Jeffree also released a another new album called "Songbird" and continued marketing his catalogue of now three albums

For the next five years Jeffree Clarkson continued to write, record, promote and market his own music with a new album release each year. The continuing titles included "Soft Focus", released 1989. "Infinite Grace", released 1990. "A New Eden", released 1991. "Serenade", released 1992 and "Openings", released 1993. Compact disc copies of his cassette album catalogue began in 1990.

Jeffree Clarkson concerts were an integral part of his marketing strategy as these provided public awareness and promotion of his music as well as direct album sales. His performances were professional presentations and drew large audiences.

In 1994 Jeffree released a Christmas album called "Peace on Earth". This album featured three traditional Christmas Carols which Jeffree arranged in his own unique instrumental style and complimented these with a track he composed himself.

In the mid 90's the New Age genre was diversifying to include indigenous and traditional World Music, such as Celtic, Native American and Tribal music with an emphasis on Nature and Planet Earth. There was also an element of Easy Listening Jazz styles moving onto the New Age music shelves.

Jeffree's new album released in 1996 "Botanica", had a wider appeal than his earlier albums and included some inspiring vocal tracks with a environmental message which complimented his relaxing instrumental style.

Jeffree continued to play his beautiful relaxing music before the public all around New Zealand. Big crowds would gather to watch Jeffree perform at Shopping Malls and Parks as well as at New Age Fairs and Health and Healing Festivals. He would organise and stage his own concerts and perform exclusively for the many hundreds of people who loved his music. Album sales continued to grow steadily as he expanded his audience into main stream New Zealand. His performances continued regularly for another 8 years during which time he released "Simplicity", "Breathing Space" and "Peace and Quiet" albums.

to be continued . . .


In 20 years Jeffree had released 11 Cd albums - with "Peace and Quiet" volume two yet to be released. Jeff Clarkson Music had sold over 60,000 copies of "Butterfly" equalling "Triple Platinum" Sales status. Two of Jeffree's other albums also reached the "Gold Status" of 10,000 copies each, Overall sales were in excess of 120 000 albums.

Jeffree's achievements were many including significant credibility in mainstream and alternative medicine where his music is well recognised as an effective means of reducing stress and enhancing general health and well-being. The beautiful and relaxed atmosphere created by Jeffree's music promoted recovery and healing and is endorsed by many professionals working in childbirth, coronary care, pain management and the care of special needs children.

Jeff Clarkson Music is well received in learning areas from pre-schools to university level and beyond. His music is a popular choice in alternative medicine and natural healing and is a favourite music to many thousands of people who practice Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation. In fact just about anywhere in New Zealand where a peaceful atmosphere is required you will find, Jeff Clarkson Music.

Jeffree is regularly approached for the use of his music as a background for voice-over motivation and guided visualisation tapes and cds. Jeffree was commissioned by Air New Zealand to write the music for the relaxing videos which screened on all international departures to and from New Zealand. Among the many admirers of his music was the late Cameron Duncan a young and promising film producer who sadly died of cancer. Cameron won the Fair Go "make an ad" competition and used one of Jeffree's compositions from Botanica.

Over the years Jeff Clarkson Music has received a string of excellent endorsements and testimonials - please refer to testimonials.

As his music has evolved Jeffree has developed a new musical instrument in modifying a keyboard wind controller. Now called the "Breathasizer" Jeffree has developed a unique sound using this exciting instrument which seems to suit his natural performance style and the high-tech aspect of his music.

The Music of Jeffree Clarkson continues to be sold from music store shelves and achieves remarkable results without conventional music promotion.

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